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3014 bulb is a type of SMD (Surface mount Diode) surface mount diode. It is a kind of LED bead with size of 3.0 (long)x 1.4 (wide)x 0.8 (thick) mm. The advantages of 3014 beads: 1. 3014 beads are small in size, and the development direction of lamps is to take the route of light, thin and small. SMD LED is thinner and more convenient in design than other LED. As can be seen from the name of 3014, one of the advantages of the SML 3014 compared with the ordinary SML bulb is its small size, only (3.0 * 1.4 * 0.8 mm) 2, 3014 bulb high brightness up to 12-14 LM. 3. 3014 lamp beads have low light decay. Low thermal resistance and good thermal conductivity; thermal resistance is 40 C/W (generally 3528 is 160 C/W on the market). In addition, the LED is tested at room temperature, which is superior to the general patch. 4. Low cost, product cost and performance analysis: Compared with the market 3528/3020, 3528 pieces are more. Compared with the whole lamp cost, 3014 has absolute advantages. Therefore, LED fluorescent lamp thermal conductivity is a better choice of products. 5. 3014 has good heat dissipation performance, because its heat dissipation structure is different from 3528. Patents are also applied for in six regions (the United States, South Korea, Germany, Taiwan, the mainland and Japan).