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The package size of 5050 lamp beads is 5 mm * 5 mm * 1.6 mm, and the light intensity can reach 6000-7500 MCD (pure white, warm white and neutral slightly smaller). His working voltage is the same as that of ordinary led. It only needs 2.8-3.6V, and the current is 20MA and 60MA. Because 5050 patch LED is small in volume and fine in workmanship, manual welding is not convenient, but it is not impossible to weld, its welding temperature should be controlled within 250 degrees, otherwise it will burn the more expensive 5050 patch led. Because the parameters of 5050 patch LED determine that he must be a popular led, so he is often used in high-end civil energy-saving lamps, automotive dashboards, led bands, mobile phone backlights and keys, instrument backlights and products requiring small volume LED, LED backlights, switches and signs of flat backlights, caller display, flashlights, automobiles. Audio, indoor display screen, lighting market!

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